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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Desktop Identity is a versatile end-user application that provides an easy biometric integration to existent systems or any out-of-the-box program. There is no need to change the target application or write a single line of code. This software allows you to enroll and identify fingerprints on your computer and make it useful!

When you register the fingerprints, you link each person to an ID (his/her social security number, for instance). Then, when someone touches the fingerprint reader, the scanned fingerprint is compared with the enrolled ones to verify the identity. After that, you can do almost everything: show a screen with the name of the person, write a line in a log or even submit the person's ID to another application as it was typed by the user himself.

Desktop Identity Features

User enrollment: Associate a user with an ID;

Auto-fill: Enables you to fill automatically another application's field;

Fuels your creativity: Many different ways of using biometrics;

Convenient: Get rid of IDs or cards to identity users;

Punch log available: Track your user's identification history;

Customizable: Send the ID to through the keyboard or to the clipboard;

Independent of sensor: 19 different devices are supported;

Non-intrusive: Desktop Identity will work as it's not there;

International merit: The software is build under Griaule's Fingerprint SDK;

Safe to purchase: 30-days trial (must be requested on Griaule's website) available for download.

System Requirements:

Pentium-class processor 200 MHz or higher; 64Mb of RAM

Desktop Identity  Free Download screenshot